Everyone’s fitness and wellness journey is unique. Our Reform Pilates classes are small (up to 8 people) to ensure that you get the most out of every exercise, every class. This guided class is a combination of both reformer and mat based floor exercises. We draw on dynamic movements with the use of props to ensure a full body workout.

This class focuses on technique, alignment and posture. We teach you how to activate your ‘T- zone’/ core muscles to get the most out of every class. A number of options are given for progressions and regressions to cater for all levels. Classes combine strength, flexibility and balance while maintaining a cardio component.

Reform pilates class is not suitable for people who are currently suffering from any injuries/ problems. Please book into a Clinical class with a Physiotherapist/ Osteopath who will help you with your specific injury and rehabilitation.

*No private health insurance rebates available.


This class is run by a fully qualified Osteopath to help support and guide you through each exercise. The perfect class for anyone with or recovering  from an injury and looking to progress to our Reformer Pilates classes.

This class is designed to focus on the principles of Pilates incorporating a series of exercises while offering a range of different levels and options to suit all abilities.

This is the perfect class for anyone starting on their reformer Pilates journey or any clients wanting to revisit the basics of Pilates and build up to more dynamic movements.

This class will cover all the fundamentals in a safe environment.


This class is designed to help with posture, body alignment and to alleviate the aches and pains associated with work and day to day life.

Perfect as a low impact workout that helps you focus on strengthening and lengthening your body and muscles.


This class is designed to target your glutes, arms (including back and shoulders) and the abdominal muscles.

Focusing on both major and minor muscle groups with an emphasis on strength, control and stability. This class will combine small controlled movements as well as large dynamic exercises to load up the target muscles groups and tone the body.


This class is designed to focus on strength gains. Think heavy weights/ resistance with less repetitions. The goal of this class is to build strength. Tailored for all levels from a beginner through to a pro. A range of options will be given to suit all fitness levels.


These classes are suited to children of all abilities aged 12- 16 years. Classes can be adapted to suit children who have excelled in a chosen sport, or those just wanting to improve posture and general strength. This class targets the neuromuscular control, segmental stability, biomechanics and strength required  to keep your body injury free and optimise performance. Mobility and release techniques are intertwined to ensure optimal movement and release of areas subject to overload. We try to keep these classes fun and interactive to  keep the kids engaged.



The Introductory offer of 5 classes for $50 * will give you a taste of how amazing you can feel from regular Pilates classes. Offer valid for Reform Pilates classes only and must be used within 2 weeks of first booked class.

1 class
5 Classes
10 classes
20 Classes


Booking your reform pilates group class is super easy! Simply click on the online booking button below to choose the day and time that best suits your schedule.